A.G. Williams Values

Nobody wants to pay more than they need to for services; why would they? But experienced consumers know that a quality product is worth the price. At A.G. Williams, we provide an unbeatable painting experience, and in order to maintain this level of service, we need to charge commensurate prices. Potential clients sometimes hesitate when they first see our estimates if they are higher than expected. By the time the painting is complete and our painters drive away, however, they always agree; it was worth every penny.

What are you paying for when you hire A.G. Williams?

Unparalleled Craftsmanship: When we put together an estimate, we do not skimp on man-hours in order to give a low bid. That means that our employees can take the necessary time to perform each step correctly, without cutting corners. We carefully protect your belongings, use safe workplace practices, prepare each surface, paint with care and clean up thoroughly. Also, we never hire subcontractors, so you can be sure that only trained, trustworthy craftsmen enter your home.

Outstanding Employees: The most important factor in superior painting is consistent, quality craftsmen. At A.G. Williams, we treat our painters very well, and they stay with us for the long-term. When they stay with us for years ”“ often decades ”“ our painters develop unsurpassed skill and consistency. The fantastic salary and surprising benefits we offer our employees mean that we cannot charge bargain basement prices, but there is a very real and tangible benefit to our customers as well.

Premium Materials: High-quality paint contains more expensive ingredients. There is just no sense in pinching pennies here, since the caliber of the paint will significantly impact the richness of the colors and the durability of the finish. It is good for customers to be aware that good paints often cost $40 to $60 per gallon these days.

Experience & Management: A.G. Williams has generations of experience in the painting industry, and we know how to treat a customer to fantastic service. Our estimators do not leave a project once they've made the sale; they stay in close contact with the customer and the project manager to make sure everything goes smoothly. There will be one consistent crew who is assigned to your project, and will come back every day until the job is finished. Communication, neatness and dependability are the hallmarks of our service.

Best Warranty in the Industry: We offer an excellent warranty on our work, customized for each project based on a number of factors. Beyond this, however, we also have a commitment to always do right by our customers. If there is any way in which you are not satisfied, we will do everything we can to make it right, every time.

Most A.G. Williams Customers Are People Who...

  • Are more interested in overall value than in the cheapest price.
  • Don't just care about the product they receive, but also the quality of the service they are treated to.
  • Are discerning, detail-oriented and intelligent. They want their work done right, and they appreciate good communication.
  • Have busy, responsible lives, and they want a painting contractor who will do excellent work without babysitting by the customer.
  • Want their homes to look spectacular, and they know that it takes a special kind of contractor to make it happen.