Can aluminum or vinyl siding be repainted?

Vinyl and aluminum siding can be restoredEveryone knows the phrase: nothing lasts forever. Even durable building materials such as aluminum and vinyl siding will eventually fade, chalk or gray. Beyond age and wear, when the same siding remains on a house for decades, the home exterior may be in need of an updated color or style. Fortunately, aluminum or vinyl siding can be repainted, refreshing your home with a new look that will protect it for years to come!

A.G. Williams uses the following steps to repaint aluminum or vinyl siding:

  • We thoroughly protect all fixtures, plants and other home features.
  • We carefully clean your home, removing residue and killing mildew that would cause paint failure
  • We repair or replace any areas where your aluminum or vinyl siding is damaged
  • We use premium latex/acrylic paint that will adhere to the old finish and expand freely with the substrate to prevent cracking
  • We apply paints using proven techniques and painstaking attention to detail

When A.G. Williams is finished, your house will shine! With a fresh layer of protection, brilliant color and clean lines, your home will be revitalized for years to come.

If your home exterior is worn, faded, dingy or outdated, call A.G. Williams we have the solution! We offer premium painting services, expert color consultations and unparalleled customer service.

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