How to Paint Shutters?

Many homes here in New York and Connecticut are enhanced with shutters. Some are actually functional, while most are simply decorative. Because shutters are prone to damage from wind, pests and sun exposure, many homeowners wonder whether they can be repainted. Fortunately, you can paint shutters, whether aluminum, vinyl or wood, with a small investment of time and money.

How to Paint Shutters in 5 Steps

Step 1: Remove the shutters. Most shutters are simply held in place with a few screws. Make sure you label each shutter clearly as you remove it, so that you can get it easily back in place.

Step 2: Clean the shutters. Soap, water and a scrub brush is the best combination for getting dirt and residue off your shutters. If you find mildew or mold, make sure to kill it with a mild bleach mixture before scrubbing. Rinse with water, and move on to step 3.

Step 3: Choose Paint. An exterior latex/acrylic paint will bond well to most surfaces, including aluminum, vinyl, painted wood and pvc shutters. Please note that vinyl expands and contracts greatly as the temperature changes, and darker colors will cause even more heat absorbsion. If you are painting your vinyl shutters a darker color, make sure to use designated vinyl-safe paints.

Some painting contractors recommend using a urethane-resin paint on vinyl shutters, since it is more sticky and will adhere better. The disadvantage to these is that they are harder to find and trickier to work with. It is true, however, that this type of paint will perform better for a longer time on shutters.

Step 4: Paint shutters. Spray painting will achieve the best results for a smooth, even finish on the louvres and details of the shutters, but a brush may also be used. Painting in the shade is preferable to painting in the sun, since the paint will dry more evenly. Use sawhorses to keep the shutters off the ground, and use a drop cloth to catch overspray and drips. Once the paint is well-dried, see how it looks; you may want a second coat.

Step 5: Put the shutters back on, step back, take a look and enjoy!

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