Can I Paint Inside in Winter?

painting inside in winterAs we become more aware of the risks of various chemicals and more conscious of long-term health risks, more and more people wonder whether or not it is safe to paint inside in winter. Fortunately, the answer is easy to give: interior painting can be perfectly safe in winter, even when you cannot open windows to ventilate the area.

When you paint using regular latex/acrylic paints, there is some odor, though the fumes have not been associated with any medical trouble or conditions. Use a fan or a dehumidifier to provide good circulation, and keep your interior doors open to keep the smell under control, and you should be fine. The cleanup also uses water and dish soap, so that there are no harsh chemical smells resulting from that stage of the process either.

For an even more pleasant winter painting experience, choose a low-VOC or zero-VOC paint formula. These are virtually odorless, yet they perform equally well in interior painting and they come in all colors and varieties. If you are concerned about painting while pregnant, or when you have a new baby, zero-VOC paints are the best answer.

In healthcare and elderly-care facilities, zero-VOC paints are a great option for repainting projects, so that there is almost no odor to bother residents and patients.

A.G. Williams works with a wide range of interior paints to suit every situation, including low-VOC and zero-VOC products, to make it as easy and pleasant as possible an experience for our residential and commercial painting clients. We work in Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Harrison, Larchmont, Rye, Valhalla, Dobb’s Ferry, White Plains and the nearby counties.