How long does it take paint to dry in New York?

Interior PaintingIf you live in the Connecticut or New York area and are wondering how long it takes paint to dry in-between coats, read these tips below. There are a number of factors which can influence the drying time of paint including the temperature, humidity, type of paint etc. It is crucial to allow sufficient time between coats of paint. If a second coat applied prematurely results in a great deal of wasted time and resources.


As mentioned above, the main factors which affect the time needed for paint to dry are temperature, humidity and paint types. If you are painting indoors, these factors can be controlled with proper ventilation, air-conditioning or heating.


To dry properly, most paints require a minimum temperature of 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Painting in extremely high temperatures is also inadvisable, as it may cause paint to blister or bubble as it dries.


Humidity can also affect drying time for paint. High humidity levels can cause paints to dry slower, whereas dry air will speed up the process. If you are painting inside, be sure to properly ventilate the area and use a dehumidifier if necessary.

Oil Paints

Drying time varies by brand of paint and type. Oil paints are usually dry to the touch within eight hours of application. However, many painting contractors recommend at least twenty-four hours between coats to allow the first coat to dry and cure thoroughly.

Latex Paints

There are a number of differences between oil and latex paints, including drying time. Latex based paints require less time to dry than oil paints. They are usually dry to the touch within an hour. Again, painting companies recommend that latex paints be allowed to dry for at least four hours before adding a second coat.

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