How to Paint a Ceiling

Interior PaintingIs your ceiling ready for a fresh coat of paint? Do you know how to paint a ceiling? Well, painting a ceiling is not quite as simple as painting a wall. Here are some tips to help walk you through the process and ensure that your finished product is neat and professional.

What type of ceiling are you working with?

First, you should be aware of the texture of your ceiling. Is it textured or smooth? If your ceiling is textured (splatter coated, popcorn, knock down, etc.) and you want to keep it that way, you ought to consider hiring a professional painting contractor to do the job to be sure that your ceiling retains the texture. However, if your ceiling is already smooth, the job will be much easier for you to tackle.

Prepare the room

Remember that the paint with tend to drip from the ceiling. Before you begin painting, use drop cloths to cover the floor and any furniture in the room.

Prepare yourself

To avoid the painful process of removing paint from your hair, put on some sort of headwear. Even more importantly, protect your eyes from flecks of paint by wearing safety glasses.

Prepare the ceiling

Prepare your ceiling carefully, before painting. Wipe away any dust or cobwebs. Scrape of and sand any areas of old peeling paint. Patch up any holes and cracks by filling them with putty, using a putty knife. Wait for the putty to dry and then sand the patch of dry putty to make sure the area is smooth. Finally, if you are only painting the ceiling, apply masking tape all around the edge of the ceiling to protect your walls. Make sure the masking tape is firmly pressed down and lined up as closely as possible with the edge of the ceiling.

Ready to paint!

Cut in the edges of your ceiling with a 2.5 inch angular brush. For the rest of the job, use a paint roller with an extended handle so that you can reach. Dampen your roller cover with water before you begin. This will help it to absorb and release the paint more easily. Coat your roller evenly with paint using a paint roller tray. Role the paint evenly over the ceiling, taking one section at a time. Wait until the first coat is completely dry before deciding whether your ceiling will need a second coat.
Read these tips if you are thinking about hiring a painting contractor.
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