Does It Matter if a New York Painting Contractor Has Insurance?

A good painting contractor will carry insurance

When you go to choose a painting contractor for your home, there are many things to keep in mind. You are balancing the price, the reputation, the description of services, the customer service, and much more. Do you also need to make sure your house painting contractor has insurance?

Why New York and Connecticut Homeowners Should Look for Insured Contractors

It might seem like house painting is a pretty brainless activity. After all, you’re just spreading paint on a wall, right? Well, no – not exactly. Professional house painters have all kinds of serious factors to keep in mind in order to prevent injury or property damage. Whether you are working with paints or chemicals, there is always the possibility of spills or accident. And of course, ladders and other lifting equipment can pose risks of falling or dropping

Of course, a reputable painting contractor here in New York or Connecticut will have regular safety training and strict workplace policies to reduce the risks to an absolute minimum. Nevertheless, there is no way to guarantee a 100% accident-free life. And if something happened on your property… a ladder through a window… paint on an expensive rug… an injured painter…then what happens?

That is why insurance is so important for a painting company. When the unexpected does occur, both the homeowner and the painter are protected against liability. A good house painting company should have general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance, making sure that all risks are minimized as far as possible.

Insured Painting Contractor For New York & Connecticut

A.G. Williams Painting is a fully-insured, reputable house painting contractor with a long track record of satisfied customers and safe jobsites. If you want quality painting, excellent customer service and meticulous attention to the safety and appearance of your home, you can trust us!

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