How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Interior Painting Tips

Cabinet PicKitchens are one of those areas in your home that can be particularly satisfying to update or simply give a new look, maybe because they are often the central hub of family life. Unfortunately, however, it feels that sometimes those changes come with a larger price tag. One fantastic and economical way to change the look of your kitchen is to paint kitchen cabinets. As a professional painting service, we can offer you a few tips regarding just how to do this.

How Do I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

Remove Your Cabinet Doors– As you take them down, do yourself the favor of keeping track of the parts you remove and where they go.

Strip the Glossy Finish– This can be accomplished with a chemical stripper or with sandpaper, and needs to be done to any surface on your cabinets that is going to be painted in order for the paint to be able to adhere smoothly and successfully. As a side note, be careful to work in a well-ventilated area. These are not fumes you want to ingest!

Clean Up the Mess– This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, you don’t want dust/residue to be trapped in the fresh paint you’re about to apply. Use a shop vacuum for the bulk of it, and then to finish the dusting use a clean, damp cloth.

Paint!– The method you use for painting will depend quite a bit on the look you would like to achieve. For an ultra-smooth finish, you will want to use a paint sprayer. Some folks, however, like the slightly more textured look that comes from using a brush. It is also important to use several coats of primer to lay a good, solid base. It’s wise to use a primer that is tinted a partial shade of the topcoat color you’ll be using.

What Kind of Paint Should I Use for My Kitchen Cabinets?

Oil based paints are durable and resist wear and tear, but they also can be a bit more difficult to work with as they’re tough to clean up. They also carry more odor. These are the reasons why folks often ultimately choose latex paint. If you go with a latex paint, ask at your local paint store for a formula that has a good, hard finish.

Hiring a Professional Painting Company to Paint Cabinets

The good news is, even if you decide to hire a professional painting service to tackle your cabinets, the cost is still substantially less than that of a full replacement. You also have the benefit of watching the job be completed in a timely manner and with professional quality! A.G. Williams Painting Company has been providing several generations of quality service in New York and Connecticut that takes pride in our product and our heritage. We serve Larchmont, Bronxville, Irvington and Armonk areas, and surrounding regions as well. We would love the opportunity to put our services and experience to work for you.

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