5 Ways to Use Leftover Paint

If you always perfectly estimate how much paint you will need for a project, and use every last drop for the final brush strokes, you are one of those rare people who should put their luck to good use and buy a lottery ticket right away. The reality is, whether you are a professional painter or brand new to the task, deciding how much paint you will need is a tricky thing, and more than likely you will err on the side of purchasing extra to save yourself a trip back to the store. This leaves you with those half-filled cans that tend to find a permanent home on a dusty shelf in your garage or basement. So, the question becomes: what exactly should you do with your leftover paint? Here are a few ideas for how to creatively put it to use.

1. Paint Small Items

Look for decorations, or accent pieces, that you might be able to transform with your leftover paint. This can be a great way to tie one room to another as well. Think, for example, of painting a picture frame or a vase the same color that is on the wall in the next room over. The rooms become connected by a color theme, and at the same time odds and ends of your leftover paint are used up.

2. Re-Tint Your Paint

If you have a good amount of light-colored leftover paint, you can always take it to your local paint store and see if they can tint it with a different color to create a new look.

3. Mix Leftover Paint

If you have a creative urge one day, you could mix leftover paint to create a custom, unique color in an amount that could be used for your next project. Just be sure to mix paint that is of a similar composition, meaning oil-based paint with oil-based paint, etc”¦

4. Recycle Old Paint

Another great idea is to use websites like Earth 911’s to find a paint recycling center near you that accepts old paint. After the paint is recycled, it is sold at a discount so that someone else can benefit from it.

5. Use Your Old Paint as a Basecoat

If you are painting a wall a color that is darker than the leftover paint you have, you can use your old paint as a primer. This sets a good foundation for your darker topcoat, and at the same time uses up the lighter paint.

If you have questions about your next interior or exterior painting project, you can always contact a trustworthy, local painting service near you. If you live in Edgemont, Ardsley, or elsewhere in New York or Connecticut, we hope you might contact us at A.G. Williams Painting Company. We would love to help in any way we can.

So, what are you going to do with your leftover paint? Let us know!