Choosing Bathroom Paint Colors (for outdated bathrooms)

There is a fine line between “charming” and “outdated,” or “retro” and “old.” The truth is, you might find yourself with a house that has a lot to love, but maybe just one or two areas that you’d like to change without committing to a full renovation. Here is the good news: you don’t necessarily need to be a professional painter to make a substantial difference in a room that needs just a little interior painting help.

Ideas for Updating an Older Bathroom

We recently came across someone seeking bathroom paint color suggestions that will lend a modern feel to a 1950’s era bathroom. They asked: What paint color would look good on the wall that will match the beige and black tiles?” We would like to answer that question here, and hopefully it will help anyone else who might have a similar issue on their hands. The question specifically revolved around the goal of covering the currently “weird pink/mauve” paint color while also complementing the beige and black tiles on the lower portion of the bathroom wall.

We would recommend a Benjamin Moore paint for the walls, specifically Nutmeg #1277, or Carlisle Cream #1031. These colors will draw attention away from the tiles, and it would then be relatively easy to find a shower curtain that ties things together. We suggest keeping the trim and ceiling a simple white, or an off-white like Marscapone – AF-20.

Choosing Bathroom Paint Colors

As we said before, we recommend Benjamin Moore’s new line of Kitchen and Bath paint, with a satin finish. Using a satin finish allows for easier cleaning, and it is also very durable.

If you have any problems with mildew, try Zinsser Permawhite. It is mildew resistant (a great benefit for the heat/moisture found in bathrooms) and you can tint it to most colors.

It is not easy to find bathroom paint colors that will complement classic bathrooms. If you get stuck and are uncertain of the paint colors that work best with your bathroom, consider working with a color consultant. One can help you choose a bathroom paint color that works with your bathroom and also complements other rooms in your house. Some even offer discounts if you hire professional painters.