When Does Exterior Painting Season End?

When you think about exterior painting, spring is probably the first season that pops into your mind. Warmer mornings, sunlight draped across your shoulders as you work, and temperatures that never get too hot, but also are warm enough to allow your paint to stick.

Depending on where you live in the country (some parts have springs that are nothing less than frigid!), this is not an entirely bad idea. But all too often, on the other hand, valuable exterior painting and home improvement time is lost because of the misconception that it must be done in the spring.

exterior paintingHow Late In the Year Can You Paint?

How late you can paint in the year really can be boiled down to two important factors: temperature and moisture. Let’s take a quick look at these in a bit more detail:

  • The best temperature for exterior paint – Like most tools and home improvement supplies, paint has gotten a bit more advanced and forgiving with age. It is important to check the specific details that your brand of choice offers, but some higher quality exterior paint brands boast “safe painting” temps as low as 37 degrees!

  • Exterior painting and moisture – Ideally, the siding of your home should be dry when you paint for the very best adhesion and a smooth application. In places that do not have very warm springs, this actually means that spring is not always ideal. It can be best to let the siding dry in the sun thoroughly once the snow and sleet of winter is long gone.

Here’s an exterior painting tip: try not to paint during a time of year when there are huge temperature fluctuations. Siding expands and contracts as it grows warmer and cooler, putting stress on the fresh paint.

When is the best time to paint? It varies quite a bit depending on where you live and on the factors we discussed above. But, in many places, late summer and early fall can be just about perfect. So don’t be too quick to write off this time of year! You might just have some great exterior painting projects ahead of you.

Do You Need the Help of a Professional Painting Company?

Whether you need help with interior or exterior work, asking a professional painting company near you for a hand is a great way to eliminate the guesswork of when to paint. They can suggest the best course of action, then help to make your “to-do list” a reality!