How Do You Choose Paint for a Kid’s Room?

Generally when you choose interior paint colors for your home, you think through the styles of the day, your own personality and tastes, and what your ultimate goals are. Your rooms connect, working to create a cohesive feel that flows from space to space.

But what about when you’re choosing paint for your child’s room? What kind of ideas and strategies can you make work for you? After all, style is a factor, but so is pure fun. This little pocket of the world is a place where your child should feel totally at home, relaxed, and enjoy spending time. And, ideally, it should be a color choice that will last.

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Tips for Choosing Room Colors for Kids

Oftentimes parents choose their child’s room color in a process that is a lot like choosing clothes for a baby: you find something “cute,” but in no time at all they’ve outgrown it. Only this time you need to invest in painting a room rather than just buying another pair of coveralls.

So, until we live in a world where middle schoolers are okay with train and pony stencils on their walls, how can you choose a color that will last?

The trick here is to think through how well accessories will work with any given color option. A green wall, for example, can look very warm and baby-ish when you use soft accent colors found in pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. That same green, however, can look more mature right along with your child when you choose brighter and bolder decorations that are geared toward older kids.

In short, avoid stereotypical baby colors that might not line up with your child’s tastes down the road. They might be cute for a baby, but they won’t last.

Non-Permanent Decorations

Another great way to avoid needing to make a drastic style change down the road is by adding non-permanent decorations. Think stickers and decals that can be removed and updated rather than taking a flying leap into the world of wallpaper and borders. Your interior paint is the baseline for style, but it can be hugely influenced by and take on the flavor of the decorations you frame it with.

Do You Need a Professional Painter?

If you have a painting project in mind, we hope you’ll reach out to us at A.G. Williams Painting Company! We can help with every step, from color selection and concept to the final, finished product. Let’s get started!