Repairing a Decorative Cement Medallion in Pelham, NY

We recently had the opportunity to complete a unique exterior paint and repair project, and thought we’d share it with you here. Our client has a beautiful, decorative medallion over their front door, but it had unfortunately become worn down and damaged over time.

Age and the elements certainly aren’t kind to exterior surfaces!

Our goal was to repair and paint this cement feature, bringing it back to a beautiful and whole state.

Cement Repair and Painting – Products and Process

Here is a look at what we started with. You can clearly see the damage toward the bottom of the decorative area:

cement repair and painting in Pelham IMG9509641


One of our craftsmen, Nat, handled this project and did a phenomenal job. As a side note, Nat is not only incredibly skilled but also is our longest-standing crew leader, having been with A.G. Williams for over thirty years.

As a part of the repair process, Nat primed the surface with an acrylic masonry primer and topped it all off with Benjamin Moore’s White Dove Moorglo acrylic finish paint.

How did it turn out? Well, take a look!

cement repair and painting in Pelham IMG9509611 IMG9509621


Great work, Nat!

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