Painting Exterior Brick? Here’s Something to Consider!

We are asked quite often about painting exterior brick. We also just recently encountered a question on where someone posted a photo of their brick home and yet again asked that all-important question: should I leave it as it is, or paint my brick?

We thought it might be time to share a bit more information about the topic here, hopefully offering helpful insight to homeowners like you.

Why Paint Brick?

exterior brick painting

Most often, it’s simply for a visual update or change. As beautiful as brick is, it doesn’t offer a lot of stylistic variety. And, with weathered, antiqued surfaces being so popular, purposefully distressed brick paint is also a common request.

What Should You Consider Before Painting Brick?

For information about the actual process, please take a look at a previous article we wrote, entitled: Can I Paint My Brick Home?

But beyond the “can” or the “why” of the brick painting process, there is one other important consideration to keep in mind. In short: what kind of brick was used in the making of your home?

A harder, less-porous brick will accept masonry primer and topcoats very well, offering quality color retention. This is what you want to see. If your surface was built with what is called “common brick,” on the other hand, its softer and more porous nature can make paint adhesion an issue. It might look great for a while, but over time the paint will peel.

The best thing to do is talk to a professional painter near you and get their opinion on the quality and suitability of your brick for painting. This can save you from a huge headache.

Bonus Tip:

Keep in mind that returning brick to its natural form (stripping away the paint) is a huge amount of work! Before you paint, be certain that you have picked a color you know you’ll love.

Can We Help with Your Next Painting Project?

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