Picking the Best Paint Color for Your Child’s Study Space

If you know where summer went, could you let us know?

It feels like yesterday that the air was starting to turn from pleasantly warm to hot, and now we’re tapering back down toward those cool evenings and chilly nights.

It’s time to go back to school too! Kids are herding around school buses early in the day, dressed in their new clothes and proudly carrying crisp backpacks. As you help your child prepare for the school year, there may be one interesting strategy for success that you haven’t considered: paint color.

How Does Paint Color Impact Learning?


best paint colors for students

We’ve talked about color psychology before, and especially in the world of office painting. Some colors spark creativity, some make you comfortable, while others have been consistently show to actually raise heart rates.

The truth is, color choice matters. It impacts us in real ways.

And, as an important side note, so does the level of saturation of a color. In other words, soft and more muted shades are typically relaxing, while brighter and vivid tones create a stronger response.

You know your child better than anyone, so our hope is that you can use the basic overview below to line up certain colors with your child’s learning style/needs. Why not use color strategically in their bedroom, or wherever they study and do homework? Besides, adding a new interior paint style is fun!

Which Color Is Right for You?

  • Red, the right color for fractions – Reds have been shown to assist with detail-oriented tasks, but too much can be overwhelming. How about using it for an accent wall?
  • Blue, the right color for class projects – Blue is relaxing, and promotes calm idea generation and focus.
  • Yellow, the right color for writing that essay – Soft yellows are also relaxing, but also spark creativity. There’s a bit more energy here than blue offers.
  • Green, the perfect color for an easily frustrated student – Calling back to its roots in nature, earthy greens are very relaxing to surround yourself with. And, they’re also stylish!

Have some fun exploring the world of color with your student, and draw them into the discussion. Creating a cool, personalized place to study is a wonderful tool for educational success.

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