Playing With Bold Paint Colors In Your Bathroom

A lot of homeowners tend to play it a little safe with interior paint. They step into the world of color slowly, one bit at a time, cautiously avoiding a palette that will leave their friends asking, “What were you thinking?”

A more neutral color scheme isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, as we wrote about recently, one of the most anticipated color trends of 2016 is the use of warm shades of off-white.

Just in case you do want to try something bold, however, we’d like to tell you about a trend that you might find intriguing: using vivid paint colors in the bathroom.

Why Paint Your Bathroom With a Bold Color?

Well, why not?

We are big believers in filling your home with the colors you love. The bathroom offers the perfect opportunity to experiment, creating a visually unique space.

Here are a few examples to help get your creative juices flowing.


Warm and energetic, orange can be a stunning option. It also contrasts beautifully with a number of counter and fixture colors, especially allowing light-colored accents to pop brilliantly.


Ranging from neon to cool, earthy shades, green offers an incredible number of possibilities. Regardless of which your particular taste most aligns with, this is a crisp, fresh take on bathroom paint color. And, like orange, it offers a sharp contrast with white trim, wainscoting, or bead board.

Mix It Up With Bright Accent Colors

This bright accent wall adds a needed injection of fun and color into this modern bathroom, and it connects well with the matching highlights around the mirrors. This is a great example of how a bolder color choice doesn’t need to fill a space completely, but rather can have a more subtle presence with an equally stylish effect.


Bold isn’t always bright! Black is a subdued, classy color choice for a bathroom, and with the right lighting can be gorgeous. Including elements to brighten the space, like the white tile above, certainly helps to balance the color scheme.
If you have questions about your particular bathroom, why not contact a professional painter near you? That’s the very best way to find the perfect colors for your particular space.