What Color Should Your Ceiling Be? It’s An Important Question!

When we think about interior painting, walls are often the first thing to come to mind. While those show-stealers may be important, easily claiming the limelight, don’t forget about your room’s backup singer: the ceiling.

Is Your Ceiling Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Or Does It Pull Its Weight?

Why does your ceiling’s paint color matter?

Well, if you’re ignoring this particular surface, you’re missing a real opportunity to strategically add to the style of your home.

To show you what we mean, let’s take a closer look at a few of your primary options.

Why Paint Your Ceiling White?

In some cases, a white ceiling works just fine (there’s a reason why it’s so common, after all). Not only is this an understated option that allows the wall color, decor, and decorations to be the focal point, but it also adds brightness and a feeling of space to the room.

Painting Your Ceiling the Same Color As the Walls

choosing a ceiling paint color

Simply because it is out of the ordinary, this can have a striking effect. Ceilings that match the walls create a sense of completion too, enveloping your room in a uniform style.

Just remember, if the color you choose is a dark one and it stretches overhead, it can create a more closed-in, dark aesthetic. A strong supply of natural light would be important so that the room doesn’t feel like a box.

Mixing a Lighter Wall Color for Your Ceiling

As a happy union of the two ideas above, why not consider painting your ceiling a lighter shade of your wall color? This still creates the feeling of height in the room, but also adds a little extra style.

Choose a Complementary Color

When should you choose a different color entirely for your ceiling? This can be a good strategy to employ if nothing else serves as a focal point. In other words, don’t create a battle for attention, but make a choice that allows the best features of the space to shine.

Find a Painting and Color Selection Professional That You Can Trust

If you have questions about how best to move forward with your interior painting goals, it can be very worthwhile to contact a professional painter near you. If they have color consulting services, that will make the process even more convenient!

You also can start by browsing various home improvement and design websites, like Houzz.com. In fact, to get you started, just take a look here: ceiling color ideas.