5 Simple Tips That Make Home Decorating a Little Easier (and fun!)

Let’s be honest for a minute: does the decorating process leave you feeling a little overwhelmed? Fearing the “rules” can take the fun out of what should be a rewarding experience. 

As you plan, dream, and scheme, we thought we’d keep things simple by offering just 5 basic ideas (notice we didn’t say “rules”?) to keep in mind.

Pick Your Paint Color Last 

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Many, many homeowners think that paint colors should be chosen first, providing a baseline of color and style that the rest of the room can flow out from.

In reality, the paint color should come last.

Color selection is a democratic process; your rugs, furniture, artwork, and decorations, for example, all need to have a vote. In fact, looking at these existing elements can help inspire you to use a wall color you may never have thought of before.

Avoid An Overwhelming Theme

Themes can quickly become cliche and tired, losing all positive impact. Instead, try building a more eclectic style that represents you, your interests, and your passions. Copying a tried and true design from a magazine or website can look nice, but it doesn’t have the personalized ring to it that a home often needs.

Keep It Simple

Packing knick knacks into a space, or including items simply because you don’t know what else to do with them, almost never turns out well”¦ especially on dusting day. Think of your home decorating experience as an opportunity to cleanse your collections and purify your piles. Less is almost always more, and allows the items that did make the cut to have their deserved place in the spotlight.

Pick a Focal Point for Your Room’s Decorations

The eye naturally wants to land somewhere.

As you create your simple, original decoration plan, think of where you want your guests’ eyes to fall. What should grab their attention? It might be vibrant artwork, a unique architectural feature, an accent color, or piece of furniture.

Finally, Make Your Room’s Decorations Your Own!

One of our favorite paint color selection tips is to avoid trends, and this rings true for decorating as well. Trends come and go, and are, well, trendy. There’s nothing wrong with being in style, but making home a place that reflects you and your family while meeting your needs is never out of style. It’s timeless.

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