Beautiful Examples of Exterior Paint Colors

We’ve discussed tips for choosing a new exterior paint color in the past, focusing on the various methods you can use to narrow down a palette that will work well for your specific home. One of our tips is to use a tool like to browse countless examples of real people’s homes all around the world. It’s kind of like driving around the neighborhood to see what other folks are up to, only in this case the drive takes seconds and the “neighborhood” includes millions of phenomenal properties.

Amazing, isn’t it?

For today, we thought we’d save you a few clicks and bring the tour right to you, featuring a few stunning examples of beautiful house colors.

Classic White Exterior Paint Schemes with Subtle Twists

There’s nothing wrong with a classic look. The example above is actually one of our own projects. The house itself is obviously gorgeous, but we also love the color variety we brought to the front door. The subtle red creates a nice accent and offers an inviting point of entrance. Having fun with your front door color is a clever way to bring an extra degree of personalization.

This home offers another example of a traditional white exterior with black shutters, but this one also includes that stunning teal door. It looks great, doesn’t it?
If you look closely at this San Diego cottage, you’ll see that the owner mixed things up just a bit by painting the trim a beautiful, deep green. This not only complements the door, but it also offers a subtle and unexpected break from a more traditional black or grey.

Do You Love Green Exterior House Paint?

One thing worth noting here is that the white trim accentuates the lines of this home. Strategic trim colors can really make architectural features pop, and ensure that unique elements don’t become blended together and overlooked. Clean, crisp, and beautiful.
The layers of green we see here work together so well, offering a stylish level of visual interest. The door is green as well, but it still manages to stand out as a nice accent.
Too pretty not to share! Notice the brick that is painted the same color as the body of the home. With just a couple of complementary colors all of the unique features of the property are allowed to shine both individually and simultaneously.

A Few Other Stylish House Colors to Browse

Here are a few more beautiful examples! And remember, you can always browse our Houzz profile here too, or just contact us directly at A.G. Williams Painting Company with any exterior painting questions you might have.