How Often Should You Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

How do you know when it’s time to paint your home’s exterior?

The automatic answer might be: “When my home obviously needs it.” This makes sense since painting is certainly an investment that you don’t want to make more than is necessary. On the other hand, however, is it really the most cost-effective to wait until total paint failure to repaint?

Actually, no.

Exterior Painting, Maintenance, and Your Favorite Shirt

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A quality paint job should last, on average, 6-10 years. One of the ways that you can ensure the longest life possible for your exterior paint is to invest in routine maintenance, keeping the coating healthy and attractive for longer.

To put this in another perspective, let’s consider your favorite shirt. You know the one. Since you brought it home, have you ever washed it? Ironed it? Replaced a button or two? Treated it with a stain remover? We can confidently assume you have. Why? Because washing, repairs, and ongoing care simply make sense; you would never wear it until it was hanging in rags.

Caring for clothing also makes financial sense. Rather than buying a new wardrobe every week or two, we wash and maintain the clothes we have. Wardrobe changes and updates are occasionally made, but the care is consistent.

The same is really true for your paint. We do all we can to ensure a beautiful, enduring finish, but we also recommend regular upkeep and maintenance.

What Does Our Exterior Maintenance Plan Include?

What is the real value that we offer?

  • We’ll create a customized plan with you that meets your needs
  • Power washing
  • Winter repairs
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Touch-ups
  • We also offer a number of specialty maintenance services, including caulking checkups, window cleaning, masonry repairs, and more

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