What’s the Secret to Long-Lasting Exterior Paint?

The painting process is an important investment.

It’s fun to apply fresh colors and updated styles, but beyond just aesthetics, exterior paint in particular works hard as the first line of defense for your exterior surfaces. Day in and day out it stands up to wind, rain, snow, and strain from UV rays.

Just as with any important financial investment, the goal is to get as positive a return as possible. In the case of painting, this return is not only found in a beautiful appearance, but also in longevity.

So, this brings us to the question of the day: how can you enjoy the longest lasting exterior paint possible?


3 Keys to Long-Lasting Exterior Paint

  1. Excellent Products

Yes, investing in good quality, name-brand paint is important. Cheaper, bargain options might be initially tempting, but their coverage and longevity is simply not the same. This means that you’ll need to buy more product for a less attractive finish that won’t last as long.

  1. Excellent Surface Preparation

This is an often over-looked, absolutely critical component in successful exterior painting. Cleaning, sanding, scraping, and repairing the surface is crucial, and it provides a fresh surface for the new primer and paint to grip onto. If this is skipped or minimized, you’ll essentially be building on a doomed foundation.

Be sure to ask your professional painting company what kind of surface prep they’ll include. You’ll never regret getting to know your estimate inside and out.

  1. Excellent Application

Exterior painting involves so much more than simply putting paint on a surface. It’s a science just as much as an art, and calls for a thorough understanding of the material you’re painting and the best product to pair with your specific needs.

It’s also important to keep weather in mind during the application process. Moisture, excessive heat, sunlight, and the temperature of your surface all can impact adhesion.

Talk to a Professional Painting Company About Your Needs and Concerns

Investing (there’s that word again!) in working with a painting company you truly feel comfortable with is priceless. You should be confident that your needs are a priority, and that your pro is meticulously considering and planning for your home’s needs as well. Every surface is a little different and calls for a unique approach.

If you have any questions for us at A.G. Williams Painting Company, why not contact us today? We would love the opportunity to serve you.