Why Is It So Popular to Paint Your Front Door a Bright Color?

If you like to peruse home improvement websites or treasure troves of inspiration like Houzz.com, you probably have noticed that more and more homeowners are painting their front doors vibrant, attractive colors. We included the idea in our own list of fun ways to add exterior color.

So, why exactly is this such a hot project?

#1. Personalized Style

Especially if you have a neutral, light-colored house, your possibilities are nearly endless. As an example, take a look at these beautiful homes.

Ave A
Custom Home Built By SFH
Front Doors

 #2. A Big Change with Little Commitment

Unlike an extensive exterior update, painting your door is a relatively small project. Because of this, you can experiment with some bolder colors without the fear of making a major commitment.

#3. Historical Significance

It used to be that door colors were a form of communication. In fact, in colonial times a red door was a symbol that travelers were welcome to stop by for the night. You likely won’t have people knocking on the door asking if they can sleep in your barn anymore, but it still carries a nice, welcoming connotation.

#4. Increased Curb Appeal

Whether you are putting your home on the market or simply want to add a little extra wow factor, a stylish, inviting front door will do the trick.

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