2017 Paint Color Trends – What’s Around the Corner for Interior Painting?

There’s still a lot to love and enjoy about 2016, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stretch our necks and peek around the corner into 2017.

We’re in good company too.

Paint manufacturers and home design buffs alike are projecting what they believe will be the hot trends of the coming year, stirring up excitement and interest.

In the world of interior painting, there is a color trend that is certainly rising to the surface as the style to watch. It’s actually similar in some ways to what we’ve seen for 2016, but with a slight difference.

Are you curious?

Neutral Interior Paint Colors Are Still On Top for House Painting Projects

Gray and off-white were the colors of choice for the past year or so. They’ve always been stylish, but this new level of attention has definitely been new.

For 2017, be ready to shift focus to warmer neutrals. As an example, Sherwin Williams has already named their “Poised Taupe” as the Color of the Year (take a look at their promotional video below for a little inspiration).

Why Are Neutral Paint Colors So Loved?

Many homeowners are afraid that painting with neutrals will make their home boring. This will never be the case if you tap into their true potential and value:

  • Add extra color in decorations – From rugs to artwork, neutral walls allow you to have a lot of fun with accent colors and decor.
  • How about an accent wall? – Go bold, whether painted or papered.
  • Keep things cheerful and bright – Darker colors (especially in smaller rooms) tend to swallow light and create a cave-like vibe, unless there’s plenty of natural light. Neutrals ricochet light around the room, keeping things upbeat and fresh.

Need a Little Help with Your Paint Color Choices?

There are countless online resources to take advantage of, but contacting your local painting company is always your very best bet. Being able to talk with a pro about your specific space and goals is the fastest route to a beautiful, lasting transformation in your home.