5 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Gutters Is More Important Than You Think

We’ve noticed over the years that many homeowners let gutter cleaning slide off the bottom of their maintenance to-do list, or maybe never make a place for it at all.

Part of this may be due to the fact that gutter cleaning isn’t exactly a fun activity; nobody really looks forward to it (at least that we’ve met). Another reason behind its neglect may be that most homeowners don’t really know how essential it is, or what key benefits it offers.

Do you?

Is Cleaning Out Gutters Really Important? If So, Why?

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Your gutters are forgettable heroes, designed to whisk water away from your home efficiently and effectively. After all, pooling and trapped water just doesn’t mix well with your property’s materials.

Over time, these gutters tend to collect all sorts of debris, from leaves and pine needles to rodents and acorns. Naturally, blockages then occur.

What happens if these blockages aren’t removed?

Did you know…

  • Blocked gutters can eventually sag and break, especially during winter when they’re burdened with trapped snow and ice. This leads to the expense of repair and replacement.
  • Blocked gutters increase your chances of pest issues since they provide ideal habitats for critters of all kinds.
  • Blocked gutters can lead to interior water damage as well! The trapped water eventually overflows out of the gutter system, spilling back onto your roof, down your siding, and often finding its way inside.
  • Blocked gutters can cause dreaded ice dams in the winter. Frozen, waterlogged debris acts like miniature snowbanks, trapping snow and water. This can lead to roof and siding damage, as well as moisture problems within your house.
  • Blocked gutters can even compromise your foundation! Take a look at this article from Angie’s List to see how and why this can happen.

Build Your Fall Home Maintenance Plan Carefully

Being able to rest easily over the winter is priceless, and this is made possible by knowing that your home’s systems and exterior paint are in good, operational condition. It may be a tired cliche, but it still rings true: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”