5 Practical Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint In Your Home

We’ve all seen trendy chalkboard paint being used in countless ways on social media and craft-related platforms. From colorful, custom coffee station signs to inspirational quotes on the wall, this paint has made a big splash on the home decoration scene.

While we love these trendy designs and usages, we thought we’d take things a to a more practical level. How can you make this versatile interior painting product really work for you in your home?

What Practical Things Can You Do With Chalkboard Paint?

Sf Kitchen


Are you tired of being asked what’s for dinner? Or tired of forgetting what’s for dinner? Posting the week’s menu not only provides a homey charm, but it also facilitates meal planning and streamlines shopping. This is definitely healthy, and also helpful with budgeting.

Shopping Lists

Few things are more aggravating than getting back from a trip to the store, just to be told that you’re out of paper towels, light bulbs, or AA batteries. A prominent spot on the wall where family members can write down an item that is needed can protect your sanity and make shopping more efficient.

Family Notes

Text messaging has made families more instantly connected than ever before, but there is still just no substitute for a quick reminder or update scribbled on a wall.

Labeled Cubbies and Chore Lists

Kids love organization and personalization (feeling like something is their own). From mudroom walls with labeled spots for kids’ boots, coats, and backpacks to chore lists with a clear breakdown of everyone’s roles, chalkboard paint can deliver fun reminders and direction.

Keep Your Home Office Creative and Fun

Doodling isn’t just a way to tune out during history class in middle school… Doodling can actually be relaxing, therapeutic, and increase your level of focus. If you have a home office consider a chalkboard wall for stick figures, brainstorming, math equations, or whatever else you’re into.

Considering Chalkboard Paint Even More Seriously Now? Just Remember…

  • It doesn’t need to be black! There are lots of colors to choose from.
  • It doesn’t need to take up a whole wall! You can isolate the painted section with, say, a frame that fits the decor of your home.

No matter what your application, just remember that your home is your own. And, chalkboard paint is another fun way to make it feel, and look, even more like home. From world maps to recipes, long division to reminders of where everyone is and when they get back, the key is to make chalkboard paint truly work for you.