Year: 2016

best paint for a bathroom

The Best Bathroom Paint for Your Westchester Home

If you have ever tackled this particular project yourself, you know that bathrooms are a tough room to paint! Not only do they have a lot of angles and features to work around, but there also are demands placed on your surfaces unlike those placed on almost any other room in your home. Your kitchen’s…

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Making a Small Bathroom Feel Larger with Clever Interior Paint and Design

We’ve talked before about putting bold paint colors in bathrooms, just for a little stylish fun. They’re inviting, make a statement, and a bathroom is a perfect place to contain a more vibrant color choice. What about if you have a smaller bathroom? Is there a way to make the space feel larger? Absolutely! Interior…

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exterior staining in westchester and fairfield counties

How Well Do You Know Your Exterior Stain Options?

This is definitely the right time of year for exterior painting, refreshing the style and protection of your home’s surfaces. As you choose those new colors and plan your projects, don’t forget about the value of exterior staining too! Why Is Exterior Staining Important? Stain offers crucial protection for your home’s wood surfaces, extending their…

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Creative Ways to Add a Little Extra Color to Your Home’s Exterior

Exterior painting is certainly important because of the protection and value it offers, but it’s also an awesome opportunity for simply having fun. This is a chance to make your home your own, and let your personality shine through the little details you can add. If you’re planning an exterior painting project this spring or…

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A Closer Look At the Cost of Exterior Painting in Westchester, NY

We all want to be able to Google a topic and find our exact, specific answer in seconds. That might work beautifully when you’re looking for the closest, highest-rated pizza place, but it becomes a lot more difficult when you need specific pricing about home improvement. Exterior painting is no exception. While we wish we…

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Can Fresh Interior Paint Help You Sell Your Home?

Are you planning on selling your home this spring? If so, we wish you all the best. If not, well, you might want to add this article to your Favorites, just so you can find it again when the time is right. Before you do put your home on the market, you likely want to…

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