Year: 2017

we can help you calculate how much paint to buy

How Much Interior Paint Should I Buy? Interior House Painting Tips

One of the goals of painting a room yourself is to save money, so of course, you don’t want to buy more paint than you need. After all, you can’t return three gallons of custom-mixed paint if it turns out you didn’t need them! But you also want to buy enough; no one wants to…

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there are many good choices for trim paint colors besides white!

What Color Should I Paint My Interior Trim? (Besides White)

Most people choose to paint their interior trim white, with very good reason. White trim is a classic look that provides a pleasing border contrast, and an airy feel. Additionally, white matches with everything, whether you want to paint the walls gray, blue, yellow, or even white! However, are there other color options for interior…

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paint color ideas for home interior

Great Color Ideas for House Painting in 2018

Every year the color experts put their heads together to select the hues they believe will shape the coming year. Even if the experts don’t all agree on which colors those will be, their choices are definitely worth noting. For example, the following three colors were all chosen as Colors of the Year by important…

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This historic home repainting was an exciting project!

Historic Restoration House Painting

Every craftsman loves a challenging project, one that presents unique features and offers chances to exercise different skills. We recently repainted the exterior of this historic home, which gave us exactly that kind of opportunity. There were many elements of this painting project that made it stand out from a typical modern home. Historic Stucco…

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Painting Churches in New York

Painting Churches and Houses of Worship in NY and CT

Can a fresh coat of paint bring you closer to God? Well, probably not! However, when a church or worship facility looks shabby or worn out, it can distract people from their reasons for being there. Also, it may give visitors a poor first impression. At A.G. Williams Painting, we understand that for many people,…

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The evidence of exterior paint failure is not hard to see on this house.

What to Do About Exterior Paint Failure

Exterior house paint has a limited lifespan, determined by the quality of the paint, how well it was applied, and what weather conditions it has endured. Once that lifespan has expired, signs of paint failure begin to appear, such as cracking, flaking, peeling, fading and chalking. What should you do for your exterior paint once…

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