How Do You Paint a Bathroom? Here Are a Few Common Mistakes to Avoid

Your bathroom is a unique space, and it demands a high level of performance from your paint. Lots of traffic and use (especially if you have a larger family), elevated moisture levels, and the occasional need to wipe down and spot clean your walls all put a lot of strain on the product you choose.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that many homeowners run into endless frustration when they try to paint their bathrooms. It can be really aggravating, especially when you see your hard work go down the drain… sometimes literally.

So, where does the process go wrong?

5 Bathroom Painting Tips – Make Sure You…

#1 Choose the Right Sheen

Remember, the higher gloss paint you choose, the more durable and reflective it will be. The downside is that the paint will also be very unforgiving of any surface blemishes on your wall, so go slow and invest the time in necessary wall repairs and prep.

A semi-gloss paint is a good sheen for most bathrooms; durable, rugged, but not quite as tricky to work with as a full-on gloss.

#2 Pick a Mildew-Resistant Paint

It’s not always necessary, especially if your bathroom is well-ventilated, but it doesn’t hurt either. Many options are already mold and mildew-resistant anyway, but you can check your can just to be sure.

#3 Paint Only Dry Walls

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s actually a common mistake. Shutting down a bathroom to paint can be tough, and many busy households squeeze in their daily showers first. That’s fine, but just make sure the surface is thoroughly dry before you get to work.

#4 Don’t Rush the Process

Prime, and plan on at least a couple of topcoats. And, here is the real key: make sure your coats dry completely before applying the next. It can be tempting to rush the project and sprint for the finish line, but it just won’t do you any favors in the long-run.

#5 Give the Bathroom Walls Time to Dry!

This is perhaps the #1 mistake we find homeowners making. You need to allow a couple of days for not just drying, but totally curing. Otherwise the high steam and moisture levels that occur during your next shower can make your walls run, or at the very least streak.

Skip the Hassle – Hire a Professional Painting Company!

This is honestly the best tip we can offer. Interior painting projects can rapidly turn into a bigger hassle than you anticipate, eating up your valuable time. The best way to guarantee a smooth, beautiful painting process is to hire a pro.


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