Are You Considering Black Interior Paint? Start Here!

In a world dominated by light neutrals, a few bold homeowners are taking a stand for color. Actually, more than a few.

Sherwin-Williams, for example, recently shared two trending interior paint options that might just take you by surprise. Especially since, well, they’re not really colors at all.

This popular non-colors are Caviar SW 6990 and Tricorn Black SW 6258:

Is Black Paint Right for Your Home?

Black, similar to white, is a timeless, classy option. There is a world of difference, however, between a carefully chosen and applied black, and one that isn’t thought through as well as it should be. Planning needs to be involved, otherwise you might just find yourself turning your home into a cave.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Lighting! The more natural light in particular, the better. Black literally absorbs light, so there needs to be an ample supply to counteract the cave effect. Even if there is plentiful lighting wired into the room, it still isn’t a replacement for sunlight.
  • Black interior paint will make a space feel a bit smaller since it isn’t ricocheting light around the room like other lighter, glossier options will. As we said above, natural light will help, but it’s also interesting to note that this isn’t as much of a concern for rooms that are expected to be smaller. Bathrooms and hallways, for example, can be stunning in black.
  • Remember, black walls not only attract attention to themselves, but they also accentuate all the colors around them. It will suddenly be more important than ever to consider trim color, door color, ceiling color, and to add some bright touches in your decorations.
  • Play with contrasting colors. Like we mentioned in the point above, black walls provide an awesome opportunity to make the surrounding colors shine. White is a natural choice for trim and doors, but warmer, creamier off-whites can be beautiful too. The options are really endless.
  • Choose your sheen carefully! The video from Sherwin-Williams we shared above does a good job explaining how certain sheens absorb more light than others. We would also add that it’s essential to remember that flat and matte paints are not as durable as eggshell or semi-gloss; be sure to match the right sheen to the level of wear and tear it will experience.

Start Small with a Black Accent Wall

If you’d like just a taste of this slightly riskier color choice, try experimenting with a black accent wall. They can be gorgeous, adding a classy, unique sense of depth to a room, and anchoring any point that you’d like.

Here’s an example from

Talk To Your Local, Professional Interior Painting Company

We always recommend talking to a local pro about your specific spaces and painting goals, gaining insights from their own experience and expertise. There is just no substitute for this kind of direct input!

If you live here in Fairfield or Westchester County, we hope you’ll reach out to us at A.G. Williams Painting Company. It would be our pleasure to serve you!