What’s the Benefit of a Painter 4A Day?

Do you have a long list of home maintenance and improvement tasks to complete? Sometimes this list includes numerous small painting items. It’s not a situation where you would normally think to call a painting contractor, right? I mean, it’s not like it’s a major redecoration project, after all.

Well, that is exactly the time to call A.G. Williams to hire a Painter 4A Day! We typically think that the time to call a professional painter is when you have a big project that will take a couple of painters a couple of days to complete. The Painter 4A Day program, however, is designed to help you take care of that laundry list of smaller painting tasks that is so difficult to get to.

What Can a Painter 4A Day Do?

When you hire one of our professional painters for a day, the fee includes the paint, equipment, incidental expenses, and of course, eight hours of professional, skilled painting. Here are some ideas of what you could get done:

  • Paint baseboards
  • Refresh window trim
  • Re-color your front door
  • Repaint a small bedroom
  • Touch up minor paint damage
  • Add an accent wall
  • Repaint exterior trim
  • Repair and paint damaged drywall
  • Re-caulk window exteriors
  • Pressure wash the deck or driveway
  • Paint a ceiling
  • Paint a small bathroom
  • And more!

Of course, one painter couldn’t do that whole list in one day. You can simply create a prioritized list of what you need done, and our painter will get as much done in that day as he can.

Why Not Just Do It Myself?

Well, doing the job yourself would definitely be cheaper. But really, how long have those items been on your list? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to cross them off?

A professional painter has the tools, knowledge and experience to get the work done way faster than the average homeowner. Then there are also the results to consider; no offense is meant, but you are good at your job, and we are good at ours!

A.G. Williams offers our Painter 4A Day program in Westchester County and in southern Fairfield County. Call us at 800-227-1906 to find out about pricing and scheduling, and grow your peace of mind as you see those home painting projects completed!