Exterior Painting and Carpentry Repairs in Katonah, NY

While a challenging project requires more time and effort than an easy one, it can also be much more rewarding. When we painted the exterior of this condo in Katonah, we definitely had this experience. The painting process required many steps of surface repair and preparation, but the transformation was worth the effort!

Exterior Painting Process

When we paint the exterior of a home for our clients in New York and Connecticut, we always start by making sure the surfaces are clean. In this case, the paint on the wood siding and deck was failing significantly, so we needed to make sure all peeling, cracking and chipping paint was removed.

exterior painting New York


Before we begin applying any new products, we carefully inspect for wood rot. Here in New York, the changing seasons are hard on exterior wood, and we most often find rot affecting window frames and decks. This condo had experienced damage to window frames and siding, so we replaced all of the rotted wood.

wood rot repairing in New York

Once the surfaces are all clean and sound, we apply primer to any bare wood, providing a good bond for the top coat to cling to. Primer is a key step for weatherproofing wood, and it extends the life of an exterior paint job. On this condo, we primed all of the areas where we replaced wood, as well as the areas where the previous paint had peeled off.

wood siding repaired and painted New York

The last step is always the most fun: applying the top coat! With all of the preparation complete, we applied premium exterior house paint, and the results were worth the effort! This Katonah has restored beauty and protection from the weather for years to come.

Exterior Painting Services for New York and Connecticut

For more than 100 years, A.G. Williams Painting has been serving families and businesses in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT. In addition to exterior painting and carpentry repair, we also provide interior painting, wallpaper installation and removal, cabinet painting, decorative finishes, power washing, deck refinishing, interior design and color consultations. Contact us to request an estimate or begin the conversation for your painting project!