Painting the Southgate Apartments in Bronxville, NY

If I told you we painted an apartment in New York, your mental picture would be completely inadequate. The Southgate Apartments are more like something you would expect to see in Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice, rather than a set from Seinfeld or Friends. With 6-bed/4-bath apartments, this 6-story Tudor residence is prestigious, to say the least! So now, when I tell you we painted this Bronxville apartment building, you get the real picture.

How We Paint Apartments

We painted this Bronxville apartment buildingAs a commercial painting company, we are dedicated to careful, quality work on every project. However, on a project like this one, we take our normal care and crank it up to 11! As you can see in the pictures, we carefully masked the decorative wood, the windows and the stone when we painted the stucco siding and fire escapes.

In order to paint this six-story apartment building, we needed some serious equipment! Lifting our painters that high in a safe manner is our highest priority, of course. We always follow correct safety precautions and use proper equipment in order to protect our staff, your property and your clients.

On an exterior painting project like this one, only top-quality paints will do. It would be a waste of resources to use inferior paint, since the colors and coatings would deteriorate more quickly. When you make the investment to paint a commercial structure of this size and caliber, you want the results to last as long as possible.

Painting the fire escape of an apartment building may not seem glamorous or challenging, but it does take knowledge and skill to do it well. Any failing paint needs to be carefully removed, rusted surfaces need to be treated and primed, other surfaces must be thoroughly protected, and the paint must be applied using proper techniques. Sure, it’s only a fire escape, but in this case, it’s nearly a work of art!

We painted the fire escape of this apartment


Apartment and Condo Painting in Bronxville, NY

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