Year: 2017

painting condos in New York and Connecticut

Painting Condominiums and Apartments – NY Commercial Painting

Keeping up with the maintenance of a multi-unit housing complex, whether they are condominiums or apartments, can be a daunting task. Between the daily incidental repairs of plumbing and climate control, and the big-ticket items like the roof, a facilities manager has a very full plate. But when you hire A.G. Williams for painting your…

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Ideas for painting with chair rail

Paint Ideas with Chair Rail – Interior Painting Tips

 Photo by Mary Cook – Browse bedroom photos A typical wall is filled with the same color from the baseboard to the ceiling or crown molding. Either the whole space is painted a solid color, or it has a consistently-patterned wallpaper. A simple and exciting way to escape this drudgery is to divide your wall…

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What’s the Benefit of a Painter 4A Day?

Do you have a long list of home maintenance and improvement tasks to complete? Sometimes this list includes numerous small painting items. It’s not a situation where you would normally think to call a painting contractor, right? I mean, it’s not like it’s a major redecoration project, after all. Well, that is exactly the time…

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what to do with paint cans

What Should You Do with Your Leftover Paint?

Residential painting is a little like a big family dinner: no matter how well you plan, there are always going to be leftovers. The next question is, what should you do with those leftovers? While some homeowners are tempted to (properly) dispose of the bits left in cans, we have a different alternative to offer.…

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picking a paint brush

What Kind of Paint Brush Should You Use?

We’ve spent a good amount of time in the past talking about how essential it is to work with quality paint products. Bargain options may seem attractive, but at the end of the day they create more work, more expense, and less desirable results. In short, quality matters. Today, let’s take a step back in…

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exterior painting and maintenance

How Can You Prepare Your Exterior Paint for Winter?

First of all, why bring up winter now? You’re probably trying to enjoy the last bit of summer, maybe squeezing in a vacation, trip to the beach, or soaking up a little extra sunshine before the fall season kicks in. Well, we’re definitely not rushing summer, but painting and home maintenance is most successful when…

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