What Color Should I Paint my Kitchen Island?

Did you ever dream about owning your own island? Well, a kitchen island isn’t quite the same, but it does add versatility and class to a kitchen. Now, you might think that your kitchen island has to match your kitchen walls or your cabinet colors, but WAIT! There are actually lots of options for painting your kitchen island, and they might not be what you expect!

Your kitchen island can be thought of like an accent wall, giving you space to create a focal point and a burst of color in a room that is often dominated by neutrals (e.g. white cabinets).

Color Ideas for Kitchen Islands

If your kitchen is mainly neutral, then you can choose just about anything for your kitchen island color. Go bold with a bright red, a deep blue, a sunny yellow, or a smooth green.

If you are using a bold, less-typical color (like red or yellow), you can bring unity to the kitchen by having some other item of the same color in your kitchen, such as a red vase or a yellow dish towel.

These days, many designers prefer darker neutral paint colors for kitchen islands. Black, dark gray, and dark brown are quite prevalent.

Of course, a white kitchen island is almost always a safe bet!

Kitchen Cabinet and Interior Painting Company

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