What Is the Right Weather for Exterior Painting in Westchester and Fairfield Counties?

Few things in life work out as perfectly as we would like them to, and the weather is probably near the top of that “imperfect” list. Here in the regions of New York and Connecticut where we do exterior painting, we sometimes joke that there are only about 5 perfect painting days a year!

Since we can’t wait for perfection, what we look for is good days. But what do those look like? What makes good weather for exterior painting in Westchester County, NY, or in Fairfield County, CT?

Non-Extreme Temperatures for Exterior Painting

The best temperatures for exterior house painting are between 50 and 90 degrees, but the middle of that range works the best. Higher temperatures can cause the paint to cure more quickly, which is actually not ideal; slower curing is more optimal for best paint performance.

When temperatures fall below 50 degrees, even in the nights following a new paint job, some paints do not give their best performance. However, other paints are designed to cure at lower temperatures. If you are in doubt, your local house painting company can help you choose the right time and product to make your house look excellent!

No Rain, But Not Excessive Dryness Either

If rain has fallen recently, the walls of your house might have absorbed moisture. It’s important to make sure the walls have dried completely before you paint them if this is the case.

This may sound obvious, but we should say it just in case; you can’t do exterior painting in the rain. This would produce terrible results. Also, you should avoid exterior house painting when there is rain in the near forecast, as this could create problems for the newly-applied paint.

Finally, a reasonable amount of humidity is good for your new house paint. The moisture in the air helps slow down the curing process, which, as we mentioned above, is good for maximum performance.

It’s Not So Much When, But Who

While the meteorological conditions have some impact on the quality of your exterior paint, your choice of house painter will be even more important. When you choose well, your local painting company will make sure they use the best products and procedures to apply the paint for maximum performance. Also, they will make sure they do the exterior painting when the weather is right.

A.G. Williams Painting has been serving Westchester and Fairfield Counties since 1906. In fact, we don’t only work here; we live here! You can trust A.G. Williams to take good care of your home and your family, making you exterior painting a worthwhile investment.