5 Signs That Your Home Needs New Exterior Paint

As nice as it would be your home isn’t equipped to notify you when it is in need of repairs. You can wait all day, but your home will never alert you when it’s in need of a new paint job!

However, there are some signs to look for that will indicate whether or not your home is headed for danger. As professional house painters, we have seen so many cases where the home’s surface was ignored. When the homeowners called us to help, the repairs and painting was much more drastic than would have otherwise been needed.

Ongoing exterior maintenance and painting is the proactive choice for your home. Just like changing your car’s oil will keep you from rebuilding your engine every year, regular exterior maintenance keeps your house from needing a complete overhaul.

Is Your Home Ready For A New Coat of Paint?

These are the signs that you should look for when doing home inspections. They will indicate that your home is in need of fresh paint.

  • Fading – AG Williams Painting prides itself in using high quality paint. One reason is that high-quality satin sheen paint will hold its color integrity for much longer than cheap flat sheen paints. Unfortunately, even the highest quality paint will eventually fade. You may notice this to be most drastic on the sides of your home that are exposed to direct sunlight. Usually this fading first begins on the west and south facing sides of houses.
  • Split Caulking – How does this relate to painting? Inspecting and replacing damaged, brittle caulk is part of our process before we begin to paint! Caulk protects your home against water damage, waterproofs windows/doors, posts and where the siding meets the corner boards. If you see splitting caulk, you should give us a call.
  • Peeling and Chipping Paint – This is an obvious sign of decay. Paint that has completely failed needs to be fixed immediately. Not only is it an eyesore, but it also allows moisture, decay, pests and UV damage to begin eating away at your home.
  • Spider Cracks – Before the paint begins to peel and chip, it will show warning signs. Spider cracks often form first. If you see spider cracks begin to form, give us a call. By the time the paint begins to chip and peel, you will be dealing with more issues.
  • Wood Rot – Paint helps to seal your wood against moisture. If your paint has broken down, forming spider cracks or even beginning to peel, your wood will begin to rot. If you notice wood rot, it will be time to call in the professionals for wood rot repair and replacement. After the damage has been replaced, your painter will repaint the wood. Pay special attention to your sills and ledges when looking for wood rot.

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To Protect Your Home

This damage that we discussed can be prevented with regular maintenance! We recommend routine inspections and touch-ups when needed as this is the most cost-effective alternative to dealing with serious damage.

AG Williams Painting has served Connecticut and New York for over 100 years. Contact us today to set up your regular exterior maintenance.