Can You Coat Your Garage Floor in the Wintertime?

two photos with white walls and doors and floor coating

One of the most common questions we get asked about our floor coatings at this time of year is: can this be done during the winter season? Perhaps it is because people are tired of the snow that sloshes in with their tires and how difficult it can be to clean up the dirt it leaves behind. Perhaps it’s because it’s the only room in the house that is at least somewhat warm to work on manual projects in the winter or to allow the children to run off some energy. Whatever the reason is, we know that people are ready for the garage flooring of their dreams- starting now, in the middle of the winter.

Why Wait Till Spring? Let’s Transform Your Garage NOW

We are very happy to tell you that yes, we can give your garage the perfect flooring even during freezing temperatures. Rather than using epoxy that needs warmer weather, we use a unique polyurea floor coating that can cure just as easily in the winter as it would in the summer. Our team is able to carefully enclose the space while we work so that the snow and wind will not cause any challenges for the project’s completion.

Our polyurea floor coating is the exact finishing touch to your garage that you need, and even your basement floor! It is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and UV damage, creating a beautiful floor that is long lasting, durable and easy to clean. Only a broom or mop will be needed!

So there’s no reason to wait until our busiest spring and summer seasons to coat your floor. Give us a call today. We are ready to put the perfect flooring in your garage. Considering it for your basement? Let us know! Basements can also be safely coated during the winter too!