The Perfect Restaurant Floor Coating System in Thornwood, NY

If you know how restaurants work, you know that once you leave the quiet ambience of the dining room you’re immediately immersed in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of food production in the back. The heat is on, with every inch of a professional kitchen being designed for cleanliness, efficiency, and performance. 

The flooring can’t be an afterthought, either. 

Restaurant floors need to be tough, low-maintenance, safe, and easy to scrub down every day. The same goes for the flooring outside of the kitchen in the rest of the behind-the-scenes rooms. 

This is where our concrete floor coatings really shine. Sure, they’re attractive enough to be in the limelight, but they’re also workhorses designed to deliver commercial-grade strength. When this busy restaurant in Thornwood, NY, asked us to help coat their floors, we knew exactly what to do. 

Commercial concrete floor coatings: designed to look great and last

Take a close look at these old floors and you can see the ghosts of treatments past. It was time to start fresh, transforming a utility space, office, bathroom, and hallways.

So, how do we do it?

  • We begin with a thorough concrete analysis, testing the surface to be certain that there are no underlying issues. Backed by a 15-year warranty, we are committed to ensuring that your floors look fantastic and are set up for success.
  • Next, we fill any cracks or blemishes with a specialized concrete mender.
  • Continuing the prep, we grind the surfaces smooth. Open sections of floor are ground with a large grinding machine, and smaller areas can be handtooled. 
  • We then apply a polyurea basecoat (nope, not epoxy!). 
  • The chip color blend (of your choice) is broadcast across the floor. 
  • Finally, the polyaspartic topcoat is rolled out to seal the surface. 

Take a look at these before/after shots, showcasing the drastic transformation in this Thornwood restaurant.

What makes our floor coatings the perfect fit?

With 4x the strength of traditional epoxy, polyurea offers some incredible advantages.

  1. Rapid cure time. Your floors are ready for use within just a couple of days!
  2. Quick installation. In most cases, we can complete your coating in a single day (depending on the scope of your project).
  3. Antimicrobial, seamless surface. Easy to clean and moisture-resistant, this is an ideal coating for industries and spaces where cleanliness is key.
  4. Slip-resistant! It may look slick, but thanks to its orange-peel texture it actually has excellent grip. If needed, additives can be included that increase traction even more.

Looking for a new commercial floor coating solution?

Contact our team at Floor Coatings by A.G. Williams! We’d love to talk with you, designing just the right floor solution for your specific needs.