Do You Always Need To Prime Before Exterior Painting?

To prime or not to prime… Good question!

To give the best answer possible, let’s step back and take a look at what primer does. The ultimate goal of any great house painting project is to create a finish that lasts. And for paint to last, it needs to bond tightly with the surface. That’s why we clean and prepare your siding so thoroughly: power washing, scraping, sanding, etc. Removing any weak, chipping, or peeling substrate is essential. 

Then, that’s where primer comes in. It creates a sturdy foundation for your paint, anchoring it for maximum performance. 

So yes, the short answer is that primer is almost always a part of the exterior house painting process, but you don’t always need a “full prime.” Sometimes all you need is a “spot prime,” covering just specific areas.

Spot prime vs. full prime when you’re painting a house in NY or CT

When can you spot prime?

Localized priming is ideal for the following scenarios:

  • You’re covering a repair, like patched wood or stucco
  • You’re covering bare wood, like a section of siding that was replaced (maybe due to rot)
  • You’re covering a blemish, like a knot that keeps bleeding through your paint

Keep in mind too that there are different types of primer for different uses. That stubborn knot we mentioned above? You’ll want a high-hide product designed to block stains and blemishes. 

When should you fully prime your siding?

Here are a few examples:

  • You’re painting over new (or very porous) surfaces
  • You’re painting a slick surface that needs a bonding primer for secure adhesion
  • There are heavy stains or odors to block
  • You’re making a drastic color change, particularly from dark to light, and you need a primer coat to make the transition easier
  • Your surfaces were painted with a higher-gloss finish before, or maybe were stained
  • You’re switching types of paint products (for example, switching from an older oil-based product to a newer latex paint)

Lead-safe certified painting contractors also use specialized primers to seal siding that has lead-based products. This is a very unique service that requires strict credentialing, so please approach with caution and be sure you’re working with a qualified professional.

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