Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your Exterior

Let’s get something out in the open: an exterior repaint isn’t JUST about style. Though curb appeal is a worthwhile project for home value, there’s more to consider beneath the surface. Paint is your exterior’s front line of defense against the elements – i.e. wood rot, moisture intrusion, pests, and UV damage.

Is your home due for a new paint job, or could it wait until next year? You might be trying to wring out the remaining value from your existing paint job, but it doesn’t quite work that way… If you wait until it fails, you’ve waited too long. Even standard touch-ups can help lower costs and keep your home looking its best for when you DO repaint. 

Spring and summer present the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate your home’s exterior paint. It could be to your advantage to watch out for a few of these red flags!

4 signs that it’s time to paint your house

#1: Cracked or peeling paint

This is probably the most common sign that you definitely need to paint. Unfortunately, it also means you’ve waited too long. But, don’t panic: the right painting company are experts at turning a situation like this around with proper surface repairs!

#2: Dry, brittle caulking

Brittle caulking indicates that it is no longer doing its job, and could be an entry way for moisture and pests – not to mention lost energy efficiency. 

#3: Faded exterior paint

Paint discoloration and fading is inevitable. Afterall, it has a hard job to do! Weather can take a huge toll on exterior paint. If this red flag resonates with and your home, NOW is the best time to get ahead of the curve and talk to your local painter about what you can do to prevent cracks and chips. 

#4: Surface damage

If you notice wood rot or similar damage, you definitely want to give it attention. These are sizable vulnerabilities that need professional repair and fresh paint. 


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Proactiveness can save you and your home costly repairs and stress. If you’re unsure about the items we listed above, talk to your local painter. As a bonus tip, ask if they offer power washing as a way to evaluate your exterior. It is a great way to eliminate grime and debris, while unveiling any possibly trouble spots. 

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