What’s the Best Season for Exterior Painting?

The answer might actually surprise you… 

There’s a LOT to factor in before painting the exterior of your house in NY or CT. Colors, product, necessary repairs, curb appeal goals, resale value, finding the right painting contractor… It’s a big deal and you want to get it right. Right?

Here’s another factor: seasonality. Conditions, just like surface preparation, can make or break your exterior repaint. 

So today, let’s dig into the ideal conditions then outline which seasons best fit the bill. 

The best conditions for exterior painting?

  • Best temps? 50-85 degrees. An ideal day is warm but not super hot. No major fluctuations either. 
  • Minimal wind. If you blow on a wet surface it tends to dry faster, right? Wind does the same thing to your paint, and can sometimes make it cure a little too quickly. That’s why our ideal painting weather has moderate wind at most. 
  • No excess moisture. Kind of a no-brainer. Wet surfaces plus paint equal a major disaster. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that your surfaces won’t dry out immediately after a heavy rain. The surface may feel dry, but it can still be saturated deeper down. That’s why you can’t rush the painting process and need to let your siding thoroughly dry. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Sometimes it’s unavoidable and you just do the best you can. Ideally, however, you would follow the sun and work in the shade, keeping your paint out of direct sunlight where it runs the risk of curing too quickly. 

Quick reminder…

We’re throwing a lot at you here, and how often do you actually get these “perfect” days? This is why we recommend working with an experienced painting company. We can help you navigate the process, and the weather, ensuring your project turns out beautifully. There are plenty of tips and tricks to employ, plus we can carefully choose those specific products that will best support your needs.

What’s the verdict? 

Our twist ending is that fall is actually one of our favorite seasons for exterior house painting. The weather has lost the harsh heat of summer, it doesn’t have the high moisture levels of spring, and it tends to stay consistent. In fact, weather permitting, we can paint outdoors right into October and early November. 

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