cleaning white kitchen cabinets

What’s the Best Way to Clean Your White Kitchen Cabinets?

There’s no denying that white and gray kitchen cabinets aren’t going anywhere. They’ve stolen the show in 2019 (again), securing themselves as the top options for 2020. What makes them so popular? Well, to name just a few reasons, they’re bright, fresh, and neutral, meaning that they coordinate beautifully with any number of surrounding textures,…

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Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting: Is It the Right Choice for Your Home?

Your kitchen is the point where style and function come together, all in a hard-working package. From busy family meals to homework marathons, quiet morning coffee to game nights with friends, kitchens today set the tone for your home and family life. And, they set the tone for your overall interior style. We’ve discovered that…

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exterior house painter NY

How To Prepare for Your Exterior Painting Project

If you follow our blog, you likely saw that we recently shared an article called How To Prepare for Your Interior Painting Project. Transparency is a huge part of our philosophy as a painting company, and we want to make sure our clients (and prospective clients) know exactly what to expect and how to prepare…

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interior painting process

How Do You Prepare for Your Interior Painting Project?

When it comes to your interior painting project, we want to make it just as simple and stress-free as possible for you. We’ve done this by fine tuning our procedures, planning, and communication, and by developing an in-house team of friendly, trustworthy painters.  We do, however, need some help from you when it comes to…

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interior painting in the winter

4 Benefits of Wintertime Interior Painting

In days gone by, painting indoors almost always had to be completed during warmer weather. Why? Well, windows had to be opened, air circulated, and fumes could linger for days after the painting process was done. For some, that “fresh paint” smell wasn’t a big deal, but for others it created discomfort until it finally…

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exterior house painting in NY

How Long Do You Wait After Rain To Paint?

The most successful exterior house painting projects rely on several key elements: surface preparation, production selection, skillful application, and the weather. We can control 3/4, leaving only the weather as the wild card… Thankfully, experience and technology allow us to navigate weather conditions as effectively as possible, making sure we’re maximizing our time while still…

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