First Impressions: A Painter’s Perspective

They say that you only get one chance to make a first impression. What do you think? Does that expression hold true in business? In friendships? In romance? A good impression does not guarantee a high-dollar sale or a successful romance, but it can definitely get things started in the right direction! On the other…

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elderly care facility painting

Painting Services for Nursing Homes | CT and NY Painting

Like you, we believe in caring for the elderly with dignity and attentiveness. For us, that means providing nursing homes with painting services that promote the overall wellbeing of their guests. From the way we set up our equipment, to the paints we use, to the project cleanup, every aspect of the job is designed…

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what to do with paint cans

What Should You Do with Your Leftover Paint?

Residential painting is a little like a big family dinner: no matter how well you plan, there are always going to be leftovers. The next question is, what should you do with those leftovers? While some homeowners are tempted to (properly) dispose of the bits left in cans, we have a different alternative to offer.…

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exterior painting and maintenance

How Can You Prepare Your Exterior Paint for Winter?

First of all, why bring up winter now? You’re probably trying to enjoy the last bit of summer, maybe squeezing in a vacation, trip to the beach, or soaking up a little extra sunshine before the fall season kicks in. Well, we’re definitely not rushing summer, but painting and home maintenance is most successful when…

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interior painting tips NY

5 Essential Interior House Painting Tips

Despite what home improvement shows and DIY tutorials may say, house painting (inside or out) is not an easy process. The transformations may be alluring, but for the work to be done well it’s essential to have the right tools, products, knowledge, and experience. The first time you try to paint a straight line along…

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interior painting touch-ups

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Interior Paint

After you’ve invested time and energy in transforming your interior paint, the next step is to protect and preserve those carefully-chosen colors. Life happens, bringing along scuffs, dings, and scratches as little mementos along the way. With the right preparation and proactive TLC, however, you can successfully keep your fresh paint looking fresh. Your Interior…

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