choosing kitchen paint colors

Choosing a Paint Color for a Kitchen with Diverse Materials

Kitchens today are not only the hub of your home’s activity, but also your home’s style. Textures, patterns, and materials are available in unlimited supply, allowing you to piece together incredible, customized looks for this central space. Whether you love the cool, slick modern feel or eclectic country with reclaimed wood and a farmer’s sink,…

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exterior painting and maintenance in NY

Ever Considered a Painting Maintenance Program for Your Home?

If you follow our blogs, you know by now that we are major proponents of quality work, ongoing maintenance, and finding a trustworthy professional to meet your needs. Today, let’s focus on maintenance. Some homeowners feel that it’s best to wait until the very last possible moment to care for your home’s surfaces, interior or…

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Tips for Painting Your Walls with High-Gloss Products

As you may recall, we’ve talked before about the importance of choosing the best paint sheen for your interior painting project. Here’s a quick recap (or you can check out the full article here). Paint sheens progress from flat to high-gloss. Flat paint is dull and not very durable, but it does cover blemishes well…

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tips for finding a contractor

How Do You Find a Good Contractor? Look for These 6 Attributes

If you’re planning a home improvement project this spring, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, fresh exterior paint, or a gorgeous new deck, you likely are focusing on the finished product. That’s the fun part, right? Imagining what a new space or surface could be like after all is said and done. The first step, however,…

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why hire a professional painter

7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Meet Your Exterior House Painting Needs

Over the years, we’ve observed that homeowners typically fall into one of two camps when it comes to exterior house painting. One camp says, “There’s no way I would try to paint my own house. I don’t have the time, equipment, tools, or any desire to get sunburned for half a summer on a stepladder.”…

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exterior house painting tips

5 Unmistakable Signs That It’s Time to Paint Your Home

As we’ve discussed before, exterior paint offers a whole lot more than just style. It’s your home’s first line of defense, acting as a shield against premature rot, decay, sun damage, insects, moisture intrusion, and the list goes on… It’s a big deal. Because of that, it’s important to be aware of your paint’s condition,…

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