Coating a Basement Floor in Mt. Vernon, NY: The Right System Makes All the Difference!

Continuing our special focus on basement floor coatings, we have another awesome transformation for you. It’s no secret that we’ve been camping out on basement floor coatings for a little while now. This is mostly because our services have been in high demand, and we’ve been getting a lot of awesome questions. It’s also because…

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Can You Coat a Concrete Floor in the Wintertime?

Time for a quick Q&A… As we mentioned in our last blog article, we’ve been getting a lot of awesome questions about our concrete coatings. Here’s one of our favorites: Is It Safe To Coat Your Basement Floor in the Wintertime? This is a helpful discussion of fumes, what to expect, what’s safe, etc.  Ready…

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Professional Basement Floor Coatings in Bronxville, NY

And just like that, another basement floor is coated… Our custom garage floor coatings are super popular here in NY and CT, but basement floor coatings are quickly catching up. This is largely because folks are looking for a fast way to update and protect their downstairs space, creating a finished feel without the hassle…

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basement floor coating Mamaroneck NY

Basement Floor Coating in Mamaroneck, NY: A Durable, Attractive Solution!

You need a basement floor that looks great, works hard, and is easy to clean. We’ve got the perfect system for you! The floor really makes or breaks a basement space, doesn’t it? Bare concrete is no good since it’s cold, slippery, and always looks dirty. Carpet is out too in most cases, especially if…

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Popular Interior Paint Colors for 2022

Ready to paint a room or three this winter?  If you’ve been hunting for inspiration, we have good news! This is the time of year when the major paint manufacturers and color pros all forecast anticipated color trends. Maybe they become self-fulfilling prophecies, but either way, we love to see what’s on the horizon, and…

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Is It Safe To Coat Your Basement Floor in the Wintertime?

Dreaming about a fresh floor coating? Our coating installers are still going strong, thanks to the fact that our products can be applied even in cold temps (unlike many of the epoxy options). So if you’d like a garage floor coating, maybe finishing off that awesome home workshop, we’re here to help. In fact, this…

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