How Do I Paint Baseboards (Especially With Carpet Floors)?

Baseboards can be tricky to paint without getting paint on the walls or floors, and the process is even more meddlesome when there is carpet involved. With a few simple tips, the process becomes manageable, and a skilled do-it-yourselfer can paint baseboards, producing a crisp, attractive result.

In any painting project, you need to have the right materials for the job: A painter is only as good as his tools! Make sure you have a high-quality brush, blue painter’s tape and plastic to cover the floor. Next, you must prepare the surface. Wash any dust and dirt away, fill any holes and sand any rough places. Now you are ready for taping.

Tape the wall above the baseboard. Begin in a corner and pull 3-4 feet of tape, but not too tight. Press the loose end against the wall, and then run your finger down the tape to affix it. Push firmly against the edge that is against the baseboard. Continue this in strips until you reach the opposite corner. Tape the floor in a similar manner, but slip the tape under the baseboard if you are able. Use the tape to secure your plastic in place.

How Do You Paint Baseboards with Carpet in the Way?

Use a wide strip of painter’s tape, and place it on the carpet all along the edge of the baseboard. Now use a putty knife to gently tuck the taped carpet underneath the baseboard

What is the Best Painting Technique for Baseboards?

This is a matter of taste and preference. Many people prefer the look of brushed-on paint on trim and baseboards, but some prefer a foam roller or painting pad. Whatever method you use, when you load paint on the brush or roller, paint the middle of the board first, rather than the top or bottom. Then spread the paint up and down, moving across from one end of the board to the other. You want to avoid getting any paint beading or pooling on the tape, as it will seep around the tape, possibly ruining the surface behind.

Two more notes about taping: Never put tape on paint that is not fully dried and cured, and always remove your tape before the new paint has fully cured, or the paint will tear when the tape is removed.

For best results, run a light bead of caulk along the top of the baseboard. Moisten your finger and lightly run it along the caulk line to smooth it down. Make sure to use the same color caulk as your wall or baseboard.


Read these tips if you are thinking about hiring a painting contractor.

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