How to Store Leftover Paint?

Yes, it happened again: You are done with your painting project but you still have left over paint. Don’t worry! This is not entirely without its benefits. You can store leftover paint, which allows you to do touch-up jobs later and to access the exact brand and color of paint you used on a project. If you are wondering how to store leftover paint and how long you can expect it to last, try these simple tips below.

Keeping the original can: If you want to keep the paint in its original can, simply place a layer of plastic (either plastic wrap or a bag) directly over the remaining paint in the can and then place a layer over the top of the can as well. Then replace the lid carefully. Make sure that there is not paint in the rim of the can before sealing the lid, as the excess paint may prevent a proper seal. Remember: the key to proper paint storage is to reduce its contact with the air around it.

Transferring to smaller container: If you only have a small amount of paint left in a can, it may be advisable to pour it into a smaller, airtight container (such as a Tupperware or water bottle.) If you use a different container to store leftover paint, be sure to indicate the color of the paint and the project you used it for. Also, keep the original label from the painting store so that you can get more of the same product if you need it later.

How Long Does Paint Last? If you properly store leftover paint, it may last over two years or longer. However, always check to make sure your leftover paint is in good condition before you use any. If the paint has lumps or does not mix together into a smooth, consistent color, it should be discarded.

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