Choosing the Best Color and Sheen for Your Ceiling – Painting Tips for Pelham, NY

Ceilings, unfortunately, tend to become an after-thought for homeowners during the interior painting process. It’s easy to let happen! The time is right for painting, you feel inspired, and the walls quickly become the natural focal point of the project (and the room!).

Let’s pause for a minute and look up. How does your ceiling look? What kind of potential is there for adding to the look, style, and palette of the space?

Wait, Don’t Ceilings Need to Be White?

Because it’s so common to see, painting your ceiling white almost feels more like a rule than an option. It’s popular for a reason (we’ll look more at that below in a moment), but it’s not a law of interior painting.

choosing colors for ceilings

What Colors Work Well for Ceilings?

You have three primary ways to determine the best color route to take:

  1. Research – Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and spend an hour or three browsing style ideas online. To get you started, take a look here: ceiling color ideas.
  2. Talk to a professional painter – An experienced, quality painting company can help you think outside the box while still constructing a stylish, feasible color scheme for your home.
  3. Go with what you like – Give something a try! If you feel inspired, just go for it. If you get in a real jam, you can always go back to Option #2.

As a general rule, light colors work well for ceilings because they create a feeling of height and space. A dark ceiling, on the other hand, can feel a little like a lid was just snapped over your room unless you have a lot of natural light.

You also can try painting your ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. This way there still is color over your head, but it’s still brighter and adds the depth that may be needed.

Which Sheen Is Best for a Ceiling?

Flat paint is typically the option of choice. It covers the surface beautifully and offers a very forgiving finish (smoothing over any blemishes or marks). It also doesn’t reflect light very well, so it creates an understated effect.

If you would like a little added brightness and reflectivity, why not try a satin finish?

Are You Looking for a Quality Painting Company?

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