Are Expensive Exterior Paint Brands Really Better? Tips for Home Painters in Westchester County

Exterior painting is a process that can hold a lot of question marks for homeowners. There is surface preparation and repairs to think about, primers, materials, the weather, and the age-old color dilemma: should you try a new look or refresh what you have?

When the time arrives to actually buy your paint, you might just face a new question as you look at the various price tags and brands: is the more expensive paint really worth it? While price isn’t always a determiner of quality, when it comes to paint you certainly will pay more for better products. Sometimes a lot more.

is expensive exterior paint worth it?

What Makes One Paint Better than Another?

When we get right to the heart of the matter, it comes down to the quality of the ingredients. Just as a refresher, here are the three primary components of your paint’s formula:

  1. Pigment
  2. Resin
  3. Solvent

The resin is the binding agent in your paint, and when it is of superior quality it contributes to a formula that will last longer (always a benefit!).

Name-brand paint also typically has less solvent (the filler that carries the pigment and resin), meaning that after it’s applied it will maintain a more consistent, even coverage.

What Are the Real-World Benefits of Using Quality Exterior Paint?

Let’s step back just a bit further and look at the practical, daily benefits. These include:

  • Better Adhesion – Once again, we can thank the binding agents for this. Solid adhesion means that issues like peeling and flaking are pushed much further into the future.
  • Durability – The strength and flex of modern, quality paint formulas are fantastic.
  • Slower to Fade – Vibrant, longer-lasting colors are possible thanks to better pigments.
  • Longevity – This is the real heavy-hitter! Investing in more expensive paint might cause a higher price tag for your project now, but when compared to needing to paint more frequently it quickly becomes a savings opportunity.
  • Ease of Application – An even, smooth thickness creates a more forgiving and easy painting process.

So, at the end of the day, we can confidently say that using premium paint will allow for a smoother, longer-lasting finish when paired with proper paint preparation techniques. If you have any other questions about your interior or exterior painting project, why not contact us today? It would be a pleasure to serve you!