Should You Paint Your Garage Door?

Garage doors contribute more to your home’s appearance and value than you might immediately give them credit for. In fact, surveys of home improvement projects that offer the highest returns on investment rank new, upgraded garage doors right near the top of the list!

Some of that return is because of increased security, quality, and efficiency, but it’s also because of the boosted aesthetic. Your door can really make or break your curb appeal.

If replacing isn’t necessary or possible, you might be asking yourself another important question: can you paint your garage door?

Keep This in Mind Before Painting Your Garage Door


In short, yes you can! Sometimes this is an ideal option, creating an attractive, custom feature for your home. Before you start the process, however, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

If your door is wood, professionally painting or refinishing is definitely the route to go if the surface is in good, solid condition. And, before you jump right to painting, consider a natural finish, too! The results can be stunning.

If your garage door is metal, be sure to go into the process with your eyes open, and be fully aware of the maintenance considerations.

Metal doors typically have a durable factory finish; often either “powder coat” or “baked enamel.” If your surface is in good repair and you want a new color, that’s fine! Just remember, paint will wear out faster than the original finish, so you’ll be locking yourself into more frequent maintenance painting (typically every 5-10 years).

Trust Your Garage Door Painting To a Pro

This is an involved project, and a substantial knowledge of surfaces, products, and procedures is necessary to achieve a flawless, durable finish. We suggest contacting your local painting company, discussing your goals, and putting together a plan of action. You’ll never regret asking for their expert input!