How to Spot a Great Interior Paint Job

From a distance, a great paint job might not look too different from a mediocre one. However, once you get close and you know what to look for, the differences are clear. It shows up in the details and in the over-all effect created by the interior paint job. Once you begin paying attention and looking in the right places, quality (or the lack of it) will begin to jump out at you!

Joints and Edges

One of the quickest ways to tell a quality paint job from a budget job is the straightness of the lines at joints and edges. For example, look at where the ceiling meets the wall; is the line clean and straight, or is it wavy and sloppy? How about the corners where two colors meet; are the lines sharp and distinct? Also check the baseboards, door trim, and window frames. In each of these areas, quality painting means clean lines and straight edges.

Knobs, Fixtures and Faceplates

What does a good painter do with things like light switch covers, door knobs, and light fixtures? Well, one thing he doesn’t do is get paint on them! Another thing he avoids is leaving any space around them where the old color shows. Instead, a quality house painter either removes those items during painting, or carefully tapes and covers them.

When you are looking for quality painting, look at these items closely. Does the paint come smoothly right up to all the edges, without getting any paint on the item itself? That’s excellence!

Smooth, Consistent Walls

It is normal for walls to be damaged over time. However, a quality painter will take the time to skillfully patch any holes or scrapes, and then prime the area. This kind of careful surface preparation ensures that once the wall is painted, there will be a smooth, uniform surface. A budget paint job will either paint right over those flaws, or patch them halfheartedly, in a way that still shows through the paint.

To see if a wall has been expertly prepared, look at it from an angle so the light reflects off it. This will show you the quality of the surface preparation.

Even Color Coverage

When you look at a great interior paint job, whether from far away or close-up, you will see true colors and consistent coverage. However, if a paint job has been rushed or improperly applied, you may see some of the following signs:

  • Roller marks
  • Drips and splatters
  • Patches of thin coverage
  • Tiny spots that didn’t get any paint
  • Obvious brush-strokes near the edges of walls and windows

Excellent Interior Painting for New York and Connecticut

Once you learn to recognize excellent interior painting, shoddy work becomes a glaring frustration. If you are looking for a painting company whose work stands up to close scrutiny, A.G. Williams is the contractor to call. For over 100 years, we have been providing high-quality painting services to residents of Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we believe you will see that in every square inch of our interior painting projects!

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